The PGA Youth Player Development Award (formally the Junior Golf Leader Award) recognizes the PGA Professional who is a leader in junior golf and who reflects the ideals of those who work with youth.

Youth Player Development Award Guidelines:

  • Demonstration of involvement in the promotion and development of junior golf at the club level.
  • Support of National junior golf programs.
  • Proven interest, concern and ability to provide opportunities and experience for junior to learn and play golf.
  • Recognized as someone of outstanding character.
Recipient(s) Year
Ben Hoffhine 2017
Bill Makedon 2016
Peter Procops 2015
Nick Maselli 2014
Stuart Waack 2013
George Dixon 2012
Joe Malloy 2011
Rich Jones 2010
Jim Smoot 2009
Tom Kuhn 2008
Stuart Waack 2007
Kevin Morris 2006
Vincent Pauroso 2005
Mike Wade 2004
Joe Felder 2003
Charlie Bolling 2002
David Stevenson 2001
Bob Posillico & Pat Morris 2000
Leo McMahon 1999
Bob DeStefano 1998
Bobby Jenkins 1997
Peter Cowan 1996
Joe Felder 1995
Bryan Fitzpatrick 1994
Tim Nevin 1993
Dave Alvarez 1992
NYC Borough Coordinators
   Bill Castner, Tony Chateauvert
   Peter Cowan, Bill Korte, John Vuono
Paul Miner 1990
Dale Shankland 1990
Paul Miner 1989
Jim Hundertmark 1988
Billy Castner 1987
Leo Tabick 1986
Paul Miner 1985
Paul Miner 1984
Barney Corrigan 1983
Mike Hebron 1982