All Members except A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-7, A-9, A-13 and A-15 and all Associate's who are eligibly employed and in good standing with the PGA of America at the time of entry and as of the event deadline.
A-5 are eligible provided they are employed in an Assistant Professional position
Non-Registered Assistants are eligible to play provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Employed at a PGA Recognized Facility

  • Supervised or employed by a Class A Professional of the following classifications:

    • A-1, A-2, A-4, A-7

    • A-5 provided they are still employed in a Head Professional position

A-9, A-13 or A-15 provided they are the highest-ranking PGA member at the facility


Open to PGA Members who are not eligible to participate in Assistants Tour events. The two events will remain separate. Separate purses, pairings and contests.
PGA Members can enter event at any point after registration has opened and will be waitlisted until the event deadline on the Thursday prior to the tournament.
One group (foursome or threesome) will remain vacant to allow for late assistant registration notices.
Met PGA staff will handle administration of both events – pairings, rules, scoring, purse, etc.


  1. Announcements will begin 15 minutes prior to the event starting time.

  2. The Met PGA Official on-site finishes the tournament announcements and carts disperse from the staging area.

  3. Competitors may tee off once they have reached their assigned starting hole and are ready to play provided the hole is open and clear for play.

  4. As soon as each group finishes, they MUST proceed directly to their golf cart, and drive directly to the scoring area without delay. All signing of scorecards and tallying will be done at the scoring area. Completed and attested scorecards are to be given directly to a MET PGA Official.

  5. Assistants Tour events will adhere to the Metropolitan PGA Pace of Play Policy


Players who score 90 and higher in an event for the second time, will receive a letter identifying their first breach of the policy. The hope is that prior to the next event, players will be better prepared and will make every effort to be as competitive as possible.

If a player returns a score of 90 or above a third time this season, our Tournament Chairmen will reach out to your head professional or someone who you might consider a mentor and see if there might be ways to help with your game or preparations for competition.

A fourth score of 90 or above will result in a suspension of playing privileges on the Assistants Tour until a documented plan is in place that everyone is comfortable with.

Staff will also report on collected cards that are not posted (no cards) to try and document their scores. If a player does not return a scorecard multiple times to avoid posting a score of 90 and higher, that player will be included in the policy as set forth.


The Deadline for signing up for an Assistants Tour Event is the Thursday prior to the event at 5:00 PM. Any player who does not enter prior to the deadline must contact the Assistant Tournament Director to enter provided there are available spots in the field. If the field is full, players will be placed on a waitlist in the order they registered (if field fills prior to the deadline) or contacted the Assistant Tournament Director (if entering after the deadline).


Pairings will be drawn randomly in Blue Golf. Players employed at the same club or facility are prohibited from being paired together unless partnering in the Assistant/Assistant Match Play Championship.

The host assistant professional will be permitted to select his pairing. No other pairing requests will be granted.

Pairings will be posted by Noon on Friday.


18 Hole Individual Stroke Play with possible Optional Cash Skins and optional supplemental purse. If necessary, the winner will be determined by a Sudden Death Playoff. Holes played in the playoff will be determined by the committee. The supplemental purse will be paid out to 25% of those who enter. If no skins are claimed the skin money will be added to the purse.

All one-day Assistants Tour events will be shotgun starts unless otherwise indicated. Hole assignments will be distributed with the pairings.


Players are required to use the locker room if it is available. If not, the parking lot is acceptable. Visit the event information page to see if locker room will be open.


Professional golf attire (no shorts for men).


Entry fees are to be paid by online registration only. The entry fee is $90.00 for A-8's and Registered Apprentices. The entry fee is $100.00 for Non-Registered Assistants.

* All players must have paid playing privilege fees or tournament dues.

* Non-registered assistants must pay an insurance surcharge as well as a Section administrative fee. This makes their total entry fee $100.00.

* Wait-listed professionals will be subject to the above entry fees.


Players may post enter or stand-by on the day of an event. Withdrawals prior to 5:00 on Thursday will be replaced until noon on Friday according to the order on the wait list. One hour prior to tee off we will establish a waiting list to fill last minute withdrawals. All entries which were wait-listed plus any post entries will be eligible to fill open spots. Check-in for these openings must be with Met PGA staff. Entry fee for Post Entry/Stand-by procedure is $105. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to limit the number of post entries by any individual player.


In the event you must cancel, contact the Assistant Tournament Director as soon as possible.

Professionals who “no-show” will forfeit his or her entry. Consideration will be given only for special extenuating circumstances.